In Paris and the whole of France. For every language combination

Are you looking for an English-speaking interpreter? Thanks to CH Traductions’ international network of highly qualified, experienced interpreters, we can provide the services that you need. From interpreter recruitment to the rental and installation of interpreting equipment, we have you covered.

English French Interpreters

english french interpreter, paris, franceOur native English and native French-speaking interpreters completed their studies in the countries of their second language.

They are graduates of prestigious schools such as the Paris-based ESIT and the London-based Westminster University.

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English Russian Interpreters

english russian interpreter, paris, franceOur native English and native Russian-speaking interpreters completed their studies in the countries of their second language.

Their renowned alma maters range from the Paris-based ESIT to the London-based Westminster University and California-based Middlebury Institute.

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English Spanish Interpreters

english spanish interpreter, paris, franceOur English Spanish interpreters are natives of Spain, Latin America and a variety of English-speaking countries.

They hold Master’s degrees in conference interpretation from schools in the countries of their second language.

Many of them work also with other languages, such as French, Portuguese and Italian.

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English Chinese Interpreters

english chinese interpreter, paris, franceOur English Chinese interpreters are native Mandarin speakers.

As well as their conference interpretation skills, they possess thorough knowledge of Chinese culture.

These interpreters completed their Master’s degrees at schools in either French or English-speaking countries.

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Paris Interpreters

CH Traductions offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for a broad range of events in Paris, including conferences, training sessions, seminars, business meetings, interviews and conventions.

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Lyon Interpreters

CH Traductions draws on its network of Lyon-based professionals for interpretation between the most in-demand languages.

When more exotic languages are required, we recruit highly qualified interpreters from across France and, where necessary, from other countries as well.

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Professional Interpreters

CH Traductions hires interpreters with Master’s degrees from professional interpretation schools.

Many of our interpreters are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

All of them have a minimum of 200 days of simultaneous interpretation experience.

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