Consecutive and simultaneous conference interpreting from French to English, or vice versa, in Paris and across France

Our French–English interpreters

french english interpreterCH Traductions specialises in conference interpreting, offering professional French–English interpreting services for every type of meeting or conference in Paris and across France.

Our interpreters work between English and French and the most commonly requested languages:
30+ English–Spanish interpreters
30+ English–Chinese interpreters
30+ English–Russian interpreters

We also work with numerous English–Japanese, English–German, English–Polish and English–Korean interpreters as well as interpreters working in other Oriental and European languages.

English is unquestionably the most requested interpretation language and English–French is the combination most often required in France. As a result, almost all France-based conference interpreters would name English as their A language (mother tongue), B language (working interpretation language) or C language (passive language).

With CH Traductions you get:

English to French interpreting by professional interpreters

A team of experienced conference interpreters

Competent and reliable technical partners

Qualified translators working into their mother tongue

An attentive and responsive interpretation provider

Professional, qualified French–English interpreters

french english interpreters paris"I worked as a Russian–French–English conference interpreter for almost 20 years," says Lidia Starck, founder of CH Traductions.

"I came into service management and interpretation consulting fresh from the interpreting field with experience in every sort of event, from small technical meetings to live interpretation on prime-time TV.

Recruiting only professional interpreters for CH Traductions and its clients was a clear and logical approach for me.

All of our interpreters are interpreting school graduates with at least five years' experience on the private and institutional market.

This rule applies to all of our interpreters, whether they work with English and French or in other language combinations.

At CH Traductions, interpreters are more than just a collection of names in a database – we know them personally. I myself have worked with most of them and can vouch for the quality of their service."


Caroline Lafontaine, Managing Director:

english french conference interpreter for seed growers“I am just returning from Europe and I wanted to take a moment to send a note to tell you how happy I am with David’s [your interpreter] services. He was an exceptional interpreter.

Seed certification is a difficult subject to translate as the terms are specific and not used in common language. With that said, David did a wonderful job and stayed on top of the conversation and used the proper terms in his interpretation. At times, people would forget to stop for interpretation and he was even able to provide interpretation for long winded conversation segments.

He really impressed our entire group to the point that I am wondering if he would ever work in Canada for us!”

Stéphanie Rospide, Executive Assistant:

english french interpreter for alcimed"We're a consulting firm specialised in innovation and the development of new markets in a range of countries and we regularly call on CH Trad for interpreting services.

Their teams always adapt quickly to our wide-ranging speakers, the demands of our teams, the technical diversity of the host location and sometimes the urgency of our requests!

It's a real pleasure to work with extremely competent, efficient and friendly people who are vital to the success of our events."

Sandrine Tanton, Project Assistant:

english french interpreter for expertise france paris“The participants were all very happy with how the meeting went in terms of both content and organisation.

The interpreters were really good, professional and friendly.

I’d also like to thank you for our discussions and your valuable advice that I think we’ve all followed!

Expertise France will be sure to call on you for future events.”

24 Hours of Le Mans

Our French–English interpreters

Simultaneous interpreting from English to French and French to English for journalists in the room and webcasting
Team: Two bilingual English–French interpreters
Interpretation from 04:50
french english interpreter france

Launch of the WEC Super Season

Our French–English interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation from English to French and French to English
Team: Two English–French interpreters
Interpretation from 00:50
french english interpreters for 24 hours of le mans, france

Simultaneous English–French interpreter for a conference or convention

english french interpreter parisIt goes without saying that simultaneous interpretation at a major event is a professional affair.

We can only admire the people behind the booth windows, headsets at the ready, and wonder how they manage "to listen and speak at the same time".

Interpreting is more than simply listening and repeating. Interpreters understand, process and even anticipate the information they receive to convey a smooth, clear message in the target language.

Why choose a consecutive French–English interpreter for a work meeting...

...over an in-house English speaker?

Unlike a major conference, we're often tempted to use an English-speaking employee to "translate" at work meetings where the interpreting is not simultaneous. The truth is, it saves money.

So why recruit an external English interpreter when international companies often communicate in English and we don't really see the need for special know-how to convey the message in a foreign language?

Because interpretation is a profession in its own right.

french english interpreter parisLet's first take a look at the purely technical aspect of interpretation training.

During their vocational course, future interpreters learn different working methods. They acquire the note-taking technique for consecutive interpretation in the first year of their studies and then practise for many, many hours in the booth during the second year which focuses on simultaneous interpretation.

And there's more. As well as these essential techniques, they learn to learn. In practical terms, they find out how to prepare for a meeting, conference and all the different types of assignments or events they may take part in. They also learn to immerse themselves in the most technical and complex of subject areas. A few days do not make an expert and they don't claim to be. But they are able to gain an overview of the concepts and terms, create a glossary and make preparations for the big day. Their aim is not to translate word for word but rather understand the message and convey that in their interpretation.

It is also important to bear in mind that the interpreter is neutral and impartial, allowing them to convey the nuances that may be crucial to the success – or failure – of a negotiation.

Why not hold the meeting in English...

without interpreting it into the languages of non-English-speaking participants, such as French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese?

interpreter from english to frenchIt’s true that everybody speaks some English.
But getting by in an everyday situation is very different from leading a full-day work meeting and presenting ideas clearly and accurately in a foreign language.

Letting a professional English interpreter do the hard work of getting the message across in English (or conveying the minutiae of the content in English) allows the speaker to concentrate on the substance of the topic rather than the words they're using.

Essential in the world of business, politics and finance and a bridge language in international conferences, English is spoken in many and varied accents. This means that it can be difficult to understand, especially when used by non-native speakers.

Interpretation from English requires not only a full command of the language and topic but an ability to tune in to a variety of accents.

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