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CH Traductions specialises in interpreting consulting.

We use our considerable experience and knowledge to organise conferences, meetings and other events for our clients.

We offer a full range of interpreting services, including interpreter recruitment, technical support and equipment management.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to we can meet our clients' needs while ensuring optimal conference interpretation conditions.

Our interpretation assignments in Lyon

  • International Forum on the Novel (Lyon)
    With Sventlana Alexievitch, Maxim Ossipov and Zakar Prilepine. French-Russian interpreters.
    Created and held every year by the Villa Gillet and Le Monde, the International Forum on the Novel (Les Assises du Roman) literary festival plays host to renowned foreign authors who present their work to the French public.
  • L’Université d’été du Notariat (Lyon)
    This conference is organised by the high council of French notaries. Russian-French interpreters.
    Every year it provides simultaneous interpretation in the native languages of foreign delegations during presentations on French regulations and the work of French notaries.
  • France 3 television (Lyon)
  • Stress Management
    An international conference bringing together experts in the field. This conference was jointly organised by the French national rail company (the SNCF) and the Russian national rail company.

What our clients say

Maxim Ossipov, Russian writer, author of "All About Ma Province"

chtrad, our clients in lyon - radio france inter"Interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in particular, is extremely difficult.

Firstly, interpreters must have a perfect command of at least two languages.

Then they must hold themselves back, that is to say, not mistake themselves for the speaker, whose intellect they often rival. It is their job to remove the barrier that separates the speaker from the listeners, just as gifted musicians remove the barrier that separates the composer from the audience.

I must say that I’ve never enjoyed working with an interpreter as much as I have with Lidia Starck. ‘If you plan on quoting poetry, please let me know in advance,’ was her only request before she first interpreted me and interpreted for me. Lidia is highly skilled at communicating the elegance of the French language when she works into Russian.

I am positive that when she interprets my words into French, she allows them to flow and to float, something that is not always the case in Russian.”

With CH Traductions you get:

An interpretation company founded by an interpreter with more than 20 years' experience

A French network of more than 300 professional conference interpreters we trust to provide a top-quality service

An international translator network and skilled in-house linguists to check their work

A responsive contact on-hand to answer any questions you may have and take a holistic approach to your event

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