Online, by telephone, from your studio or from our interpreting hub

Turnkey remote interpreting – a holistic approach

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In-person and remote interpretation

We have always championed exceptional interpreting quality and we’ve fought for the best possible working conditions for interpreters to ensure high-level interpretation.

In an almost ideal world – as in pre-Covid times – participants and interpreters gathered in the same place. Conference participants were able to enjoy informal discussions outside of the official programme and interpreters were able to see both the speakers and those for whom they were interpreting.

We hope to return to in-person conferences one day but, in the meantime, the health situation has forced us to seek out new setups.

Our interpreters and their language combinations

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Be it a meeting room or video conference, we interpret into and from – almost! – all languages! Our team comprises:

• 60+ English interpreters (English–French interpreting)

• 30+ Spanish interpreters (French/English–Spanish interpreting)

• 30+ Russian interpreters (French/English–Russian interpreting)

• 30+ Chinese interpreters (French/English–Mandarin Chinese interpreting)

Interpreters from French and English into Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic and more.

Virtual meeting platforms and interpreting platforms

french remote interpreters, zoomRemote interpreting remains a technical challenge but compromising on quality – which has always been our number one priority – was out of the question.

Despite its complex technical nature and the exceptional skill and unique know-how needed, we also believe that interpreting is, above all, a service industry. Therefore, adapting to our clients and their needs must play a fundamental role in our business.

We have tested the various pre-existing platforms as well as the solutions that emerged during the “Covid era”, namely Microsoft Teams and Zoom for video conferences, and specialist interpretation platforms. None are off limits, provided that they meet the criteria for a smooth-running interpretation.

We also work on client-owned platforms with integrated streaming solutions.

We continue to monitor technical solutions for remote meetings and video conferences offering a simultaneous interpreting function.

Interpreting on Zoom – the user-friendly platform

Zoom is our preferred option for simultaneous interpreting.

With its Pro, Business and Enterprise versions, Zoom introduced the interpretation feature in July 2020, allowing participants to feel – almost – as though they’re in a real conference room where they pick up their headphones at the entrance and choose a channel based on their preferred conference language. Everyone is now familiar with this reliable platform which is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices.

For consecutive interpretation, most of our clients use either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We offer a range of setup options, from the most cost-effective to turnkey services. The interpreters can log in from their home or our hub, receive assistance from an interpreting technician or work from your studio.

Before the meeting:

We show the client the various TECHNICAL OPTIONS with their advantages and disadvantages;

We help our client to choose the most appropriate MEETING PLATFORM, format and interpreting method;

We identify the language combinations as well as INTERPRETER numbers and profiles;

We provide the client with the TECHNICAL RECOMMENDATIONS;

We gather the INFORMATION the interpreters need to best prepare for the job;

Our technical moderator performs TESTS ON THE PLATFORM with the participants.

During the meeting:

In addition to interpretation, we also offer TECHNICAL MODERATION with our moderator on-hand throughout the meeting;

We RECORD the meeting, upon the client’s request.

After the meeting:

We hand over THE RECORDING to the client;

We TRANSLATE the minutes, if necessary.

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