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Translation or interpreting?

When we use the word ‘translation’, we mean the written translation of texts. For spoken translation, we use the terms 'interpreting' or 'interpretation'.

Are you looking to translate a contract, presentation, literary text or any other type of document? Then you've come to the right page!

But if you need a translation of a work meeting or multilingual conference – a service often called 'simultaneous or consecutive translation' – what you really need is an interpretation.

If so, take a look at our Interpreting Services page.

Our Working Languages

We cover a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Serbian, Croatian, Dothraki, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese.

Whatever language combination your translation project requires, we are here to help you.

It is our policy to assign all of our translations to professionals translating exclusively into their native language.

* Source language: the language of the original document
* Target language: the language of the translation

Many people believe that translators merely transcribe text from one language into another. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While machines churn out word-for-word renditions, professional translators have a gift for communicating the meaning, substance and spirit of your text.They always look for the most idiomatic, accurate way to convey your message in the target language.

Our Translators

Our translators are experts at their craft.

When style is of the essence, we turn to a special class of translators. They know how to capture the precise meaning of your message and they know how to produce creative texts in their own right.

Whether you are launching a new perfume, creating a historical website or promoting luxury goods, these wordsmiths are up to the job.

Oftentimes, they are literary translators or even authors themselves.

For technical translation, you need someone with proven expertise. Whether you're in the nuclear industry, telecommunications, biotechnology or medical science, we will pair you with a translator who knows your field inside and out. These linguists have completed studies in technical and scientific fields and excel in translating both the style and the content of your documents.

Our Commitment to Quality

When it comes to your translation needs, we are on your side. We clarify any questions with you early on and listen to your needs to ensure top-quality translations.

We can also provide the translation in the format that works best for you. Subtitles are a great example of text that calls for a specific format.

As the publication day approaches, we are there to complete a thorough and final edit of your translations before they go to press.

We are happy to provide court-certified translations upon request.

When you need a big translation in a short space of time, we put together a dedicated team of translators. An expert editor then examines their work to ensure that the style,

With CH Traductions you get:

A Paris-based company with holistic approach to your event or multilingual project

A responsive contact available to answer your questions about simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting

20+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge of interpreting and translation

A team of professionals in all languages

The most requested language pairs by our clients:

English–French Translation

Our English–French Translators are native speakers of French, based in a European Union country.

French–English Translation

For French–English translation, we call on British or American translators.

Our French–English translators follow your instructions (UK or US English) based on the country your translation is for.

English–Russian Translation

Translations into Russian are carried out by professional English–Chinese and French–Chinese Translation
Translations into Chinese are carried out by Chinese native speakers based in France with translation degrees from the ESIT school of translation and interpreting.

English–Spanish Translation

Our professional English–Spanish translators are Spanish native speakers with translation degrees.

If need be, they will adapt your text to the target country, such as Spain or a Latin American destination.

What our translators say

Joanne, our French English Translator:

"I first realised I wanted to go into translation on my gap year in Argentina. I loved making the connections between two languages and translation seemed the perfect career choice.

I went on to gain a BA in French and Hispanic Studies and an MA in Translation and Interpreting which only confirmed my decision.

My first translation experiences took me to Paris where I did an internship and some freelance work before working in-house for two and a half years.

I then started my freelance business to specialise more in my chosen fields and gain the freedom to travel. That was more than three years ago now and I’ve never regretted my decision!"

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