For simultaneous, whispered and consecutive interpreting in France

We provide interpreting booths, desk consoles and microphones, along with sound systems, headsets, lectern and cordless microphones, video projection systems and more.

We carefully select the equipment in order to ensure the best possible conditions for both the speakers and the interpreters, on whom the non-native participants rely. This allows us to guarantee excellent audio quality for everyone present

We also offer remote interpretation setup – either hybrid, combining in-person and remote interpreting, or in full video conference mode.

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Simultaneous interpreting booth

In summary:

+: audio comfort for participants;
+: good working conditions for the interpreters;
–: the equipment requires installation and technical assistance.
More information on simultaneous interpretation in the booth

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Bidule or guided tour equipment

In summary:
+: no prior installation of equipment and the option to carry it;
+: more cost-effective than the booth;
–: potential disturbance for other participants as the interpreter is in the same room and speaks at the same time as the contributor;
–: more tiring for the interpreters.
More information on the bidule

sound conference equipment france

Sound system and other equipment

Desktop microphone, delegate microphones, speakers and more.

More information on conference sound systems

With CH Traductions you get:

A translation and interpreting company founded by an interpreter in Paris

Established interpreters in all language combinations who we know personally

Competent and reliable technical partners and a full range of interpreting equipment

An international network of professional and experienced translators and in-house proofreading

An experienced and responsive interpretation partner

Simultaneous interpreting booth

interpreting booth, translation booth audiopack isoThe booth is one piece of simultaneous interpreting equipment.
As well as the interpreter compartment, it comprises interpreter desk consoles, a control room, infrared emitters/radiators and participant headsets (traditional or stethosets).
Depending on the characteristics of the room, this basic setup can be upgraded.

Booth model used

We use the Audipack booth model with built-in ventilation. This booth complies with ISO 4043 standards.

Booth dimensions

The dimensions of the most frequently used booth – with two interpreter posts – are as follows:
– width: 1m70
– depth: 1m70
– height: 2m05.
The interpreting booth with three posts is wider at 2m43. The depth and height remain the same.

How simultaneous interpreting works in the booth

The inside of the booth is fitted out with desk consoles, often by Bosch (one set of controls per interpreter), and headsets for the interpreters.

Interpreter headphones are included in the available equipment but interpreters commonly use their own headsets to ensure their comfort.
During the conference, the interpreters sit inside the booth.

The purpose of the booth is to block outside noise so the interpreters only hear the speaker through their headsets which are plugged into the desk controls.

Similarly, the interpretation is only audible in the room through an infrared receiver (headset). The sound is transferred from the interpreters' microphones to the control room, and then through the IR (infrared) radiators or emitters to the participant headsets.

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Bidule or whispering equipment

What is a bidule?

bidule, whispering equipment, interpreting equipmentIn professional jargon, the guided tour or whispering equipment is called a 'bidule'. This equipment allows the guide or, in our case, the interpreter, to remain audible without being in close proximity to the audience.

It was originally designed for guided tours, as its name may suggest, however it has proven useful in the interpreting industry, enabling booth-free simultaneous interpretation.

The bidule comes in an easy-to-carry briefcase comprising an interpreter microphone and headphones for those needing to listen to the translation.

In what situations can the whispering equipment be used?

The bidule is the perfect system for interpreting on business trips, particularly on industrial or agricultural sites.

In some situations, it can be used for simultaneous interpreting in a room: if the meeting is short, if fewer participants are present or if there are just two working languages.

In this setup, the interpreter will be seated in the same room as the participants and speaker and speak at the same time as the contributor. However even if the interpreter speaks quietly, their voice will be audible for all participants, even those who understand the contributor's language.

As such, the room must have a good sound system to ensure the interpreters and participants can hear the speaker's voice clearly.

We offer a choice between two types of headset:
- traditional: Sennheiser model EK2020
- stethoset: Sennheiser model HDE2020.

Simultaneous interpreting with a bidule in a room is a 'temporary fix' of sorts if the space or budget does not allow for a booth, which remains the best solution.

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Sound system and other equipment

sound equipment for conferences
We provide desktop microphones, cordless microphones, emitters, wraparound microphones, lapel microphones, earpieces, digital consoles, speakers, receivers and more.
Our technicians carry out the installation, technical tests and assistance throughout the event and disassembly at the end.
We can also provide projectors, video screens, laptops and more.

Our approach is comprehensive:

When we commit to providing interpreting equipment and interpretation services, we approach the service from a holistic point of view.
It is our aim that your entire event unfolds without a hitch.

We'll survey the location and/or make contact with the room's chief technician before confirming the technical setup for the equipment we'll deliver and install. It is often unnecessary to survey the locations in person as our technicians may be familiar with them due to regular work there.

We check the room’s existing sound system equipment, including desktop microphones, delegate microphones, speakers, etc. and ensure that the room’s components are compatible with ours.

We can upgrade the room's existing sound system or completely configure it with our equipment.

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