French–Chinese/English–Chinese interpreters in France:
consecutive and simultaneous interpreting between Chinese, English and French

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CH Traductions is an interpreting and translation company founded by a conference interpreter.

Working with us will bring you linguistic skill, excellent knowledge of the industry, a network of interpreters and translators and technical partners.

We draw on our expertise to offer our clients a one-stop-shop solution for all their multilingual events.

We have extensive experience in conference interpreting.

With our expertise, we can help you to not only choose the right interpreters and interpreting equipment but also optimise your event planning.

Whether you need to determine the meeting’s language needs, prepare the location for interpretation or translate relevant documents prior to your event, we are here to help.

Our English–Chinese interpreters (English–Mandarin Chinese) and French–Chinese interpreters (French–Mandarin Chinese)

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All our interpreters are graduates of major conference interpreting schools, such as ESIT or ISIT in Paris, the University of Westminster in London and the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in Geneva.

Our Mandarin interpreters fall into two categories:
- native Chinese speakers with French and English as their second and third languages;

- French native speakers of Chinese origin with a full command of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Their dual culture ensures a wider perspective and a more comprehensive understanding of both worlds. They are your ally when it comes to speeding up the intercultural communications process, especially in partnerships between English and Chinese companies.


Jean-Marie Dura, La Fémis – National School for Image and Sound occupations:

"We were extremely satisfied with both the interpreting and support from CH Trad during the welcome and training given by La Fémis to a delegation of Chinese film and audiovisual professionals over a four-day, non-stop period.

We speak no Chinese at all so we were unable to assess the quality of the translation as such, however we were confident that our Chinese group was completely satisfied.

As well as providing an accurate translation of sentences and meaning – already a feat in a highly technical and complex field – the CH Trad team really helped us to understand each other's cultures. The team advised us on the differences in approach and sensitivity, allowing us to avoid misunderstandings which would almost certainly have marred, or even compromised, the success of this training.

So we take real professional and personal pleasure in our partnership with CH Trad whose team has made a huge contribution to the success of our school."

With CH Traductions you get:

A Paris-based company providing in-person interpretation services across France and remote interpretation

Competent and reliable interpreting equipment suppliers and techncial solutions for RSI

A responsive and accessible point of contact

Lidia Starck, CH Traductions founder:

"As a professional interpreter myself, I have made a point of ensuring that all interpreters recruited to CH Traductions provide a quality service.

Whatever the language combination, we work only with qualified interpreters with at least five years' interpreting experience on the private and/or institutional market.

My lengthy interpreting career means we know our interpreters personally, as well as their specialist fields, strengths and weaknesses! And we recruit teams for each assignment based on the theme and the type of event.

We provide interpretation from and into Chinese for major groups such as LVMH, Danone and Etam, organisations and international associations."

Mandarin Chinese is one of the official languages of the United Nations,

and more importantly, it is the main language of the world's second-largest economy.

Today, all industries have their eyes fixed on China, making Mandarin a key communications language.

Professional Chinese interpreters are familiar with the broad range of accents and cultural differences stemming from the language’s reach throughout continental China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. They understand Mandarin’s relationship with the western world and are well versed in both the Chinese language and the Chinese world.

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