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Conference interpreting

conference interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, interpreter, franceSimultaneous or consecutive interpreting for conferences, meetings and negotiations.

We only recruit professional interpreters with a Master's degree in conference interpreting.

Our knowledge of the interpreting sector brings you highly qualified teams.

Document translation

translationCH Traductions has an international team of qualified professional translators in – almost! – all European and oriental languages, who translate into their mother tongue only.

Our reliable network allows us to produce quality translations and handle large volumes of text.

Interpreting equipment

interpretation equipmentWith a reliable network of specialised technical partners, we offer an extensive range of solutions: booths, portable devices and sound systems.

We draw on this partnership and our practical experience to tailor our interpreting equipment solutions to even the most complex events.

Interpreting guidance

consultant interpreter, interpreting companyWe take a holistic approach to your project and offer an interpreting solution in line with your needs and budget.

We prepare each of our assignments down to the last detail to provide an effective interpreting service that integrates seamlessly into your event.

Remote interpreting

remote interpreting, zoom translationSimultaneous or consecutive interpreting of a conference, meeting or negotiation… but remotely!

We offer a complete turnkey service, from the provision of the Zoom Business platform, including connection tests, to interpreting and technical assistance.

Our interpreters will interpret from their home workstation with professional equipment and technical support from a moderator, or from a booth in an interpreting hub.

Lidia Starck, founder of CH Traductions:

chtrad, conference interpreters"With 20 years' experience in conference interpreting and knowledge of the interpreting sector, it was important to me that my company offer not just a link between the interpreters and customers but real added value and a comprehensive approach.

Knowing our interpreters and understanding the technical setup and interpreting profession are some of our major assets.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting solutions to institutions, major industrial groups, small- and medium-sized companies and events of any description, from annual conventions and works councils to live radio shows, technical meetings and business negotiations."

With CH Traductions you get:

An interpreting company based in Paris and founded by an interpreter with 20+ years of experience in interpreting and translation

A France-based network of 300+ professional conference interpreters we trust to provide a quality service

An international network of qualified and experienced translators and skilled in-house linguists to approve their work

A responsive contact available to answer your questions and take a comprehensive approach to your event

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