Conference interpreting service

We offer the full range of interpretation services, providing end-to-end project assistance from planning through to implementation

Conference interpreting – a holistic approach

conference interpreting simultaneous translating paris

Before the event, we:

EXPLAIN the various modes of interpreting to the client and AGREE on the most appropriate mode based on the specifics of the event;

OFFER the various technical solutions and SET UP the interpreting and sound equipment based on the type of interpretation chosen and the specifics of the room;

IDENTIFY interpreter numbers and profiles and the required language combinations based on participant languages, and RECRUIT the team;

GATHER all the information needed to prepare the interpreters and provide the service;

TRANSLATE the conference documentation and materials;

DELIVER and INSTALL the interpretation and sound equipment.

During the event, we:

interpreting simultaneous translation paris
OPERATE the interpretation and sound equipment;

MAKE audio recordings of the speeches upon the client's request;

COORDINATE the team of interpreters.

After the event, we:

HAND OVER the recordings to the client;

DISMANTLE the equipment;

TRANSLATE the minutes of the meeting, if required.

What events do we cater to?

We offer a turnkey interpreting service for any event type:

a technical meeting – one interpreter for dialogue interpreting or a team for simultaneous interpreting;

business negotiations – mostly dialogue interpreting for this type of event;

an annual convention – setup of a sound system and simultaneous interpreting booth with a team of interpreters working between two or more languages;

a European workers' committee – simultaneous interpretation in booths by a team of interpreters covering all country representative languages;

a board of directors – simultaneous interpretation, sometimes in conference call format;

an interview – dialogue interpreting, sentence by sentence, to keep the discussion flowing;

a training session – a bidule is most common for this type of event, especially if the training is taking place in a company or production workshop;

a scientific or medical conference – simultaneous interpreting is most appropriate, by interpreters specialised in the sector, preferably in booths;

a study tour – simultaneous interpreting with a bidule during trips, consecutive interpreting during speeches and dialogue interpreting during informal parts;

an official visit – consecutive interpretation is most appropriate with note-taking in 10-, 15- or 20-minute segments according to standard practice;

a cultural gathering – any mode of interpretation is possible, depending on the format;

a radio or TV show – simultaneous interpreting with one main difference: the interpreters in each booth work into one language only and must finish their sentence at the exact same moment as the speaker or interviewee. Combined with the pressure of performing live, this exercise requires considerable professional experience and composure.

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