Professional conference interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
in Paris and the whole of France

Our interpreters – experienced graduates

conference interpreter

Thanks to its international network, CH Traductions is also able to provide interpreting servicesin Europe and throughout the world.

All of our interpreters:
- are certified, experienced professionals with Master’s degrees from ESIT (École Supérieure des interprètes et traducteurs, Paris), ISIT (The Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication, Paris), Westminster University (excellent London-based school which has regrettably now closed) or the FTI (The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Geneva).

- have clocked up at least 200 days of simultaneous and consecutive work experience since graduation, on the private or institutional market and within international organisations;

- most of them have accreditation from international organisations.

Our interpreters – language combinations

consecutive conference interpreter300 interpreters in France, in Paris, as well as in Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Rennes and other French cities.

Our network covers every language combination and includes:

60+ English interpreters (English–French interpreting)
30+ Spanish interpreters (French/English–Spanish interpreting)
30+ Russian interpreters (French/English–Russian interpreting)
30+ Chinese interpreters (French/English–Mandarin Chinese interpreting)

Interpreters from French and English into Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic and more.

Conference interpreters: specialists or generalists?

Every interpreting assignment requires extensive preparation:

  • The review of documents shared by the client,
  • The creation of glossaries with specific vocabulary,
  • Background research.

As a result, all of our interpreters are suited to any event, regardless of the subject matter, from nuclear energy symposia to international relations conferences, marketing training programmes and automotive sales negotiations, on the condition that the customer has provided the necessary tools to prepare for the assignment in advance.

Why is it so important to be trained in interpretation?

Interpretation training lasts two to three years at Master's level. The exact length varies depending on the chosen school.

During a professional course, the interpreters are trained in interpreting techniques, including consecutive interpreting with note-taking and simultaneous interpreting.

They learn how to learn and prepare for their assignments, whatever the subject area.

With CH Traductions you get:

An interpreting and translation company based in Paris and founded by a conference interpreter

Professional hand-picked interpreter teams for any type of event, be it in-person or remote interpretation

A network of reliable specialised technical partners with a full set of interpretation equipment

A translation service in a wide variety of languages with professional translators

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