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Enora Castagné, project manager, IT4Future:

french english interpreters for it4culture“The translators were incredibly professional and discreet. The translation was of a very high standard, including in technical subject areas.

A lot of thought went into the setup in the room. At our event, the interpreters were on the balcony of one of the theatre rooms with no booth and we were brilliantly assisted. This was our first experience of live interpretation and we had a lot to learn. We highly recommend them!

Louis Langlois, Communications Department, 24 Hours of Le Mans:

french english interpreters 24 hours of Le Mans“To sum up, a fantastic team, a great atmosphere, the utmost professionalism and huge satisfaction among all those who attended both the press conference and the Chair’s dinner.

Thank you once again for your help organising this event.

We look forward to working together again in the future.”

Claire Kurtz, The Registre des ostéopathes de France:

french english english french interpreters for ROF“The Registre des ostéopathes de France would like to thank CHTrad for its professionalism and the quality of the translations during the Rencontres Internationales de l'Ostéopathie symposium.

First of all, we’d like to acknowledge Lidia Starck’s work, responsiveness, speed and communications skills.

Thanks to her, the speakers’ lectures were sent out on time, allowing the interpreters to fine-tune their osteopathy-specific vocabulary.

As a result, the simultaneous interpretation reflected the quality of our speakers’ lectures and was greatly appreciated by our audience.

We will call on CHTrad again for another international event.”

Benjamin Bourgeois, Research Engineer, University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli:

french spanish french italian interpreters universita di corsica“CH Traductions was very responsive and competent.

Early on, preparations were energetic and discussions were productive, resulting in smooth translations during the event. Lidia Starck was always available, encouraging us to follow suit and get involved ourselves to ensure the best setup for the interpretation. Her professionalism allayed concerns that may have held us back.

When we required a non-stop, remote simultaneous interpretation of a two-day international symposium, Lidia and her team were faultless. That was a first for us and we’re all very happy with the result. L’Università di Corsica will definitely call on them again.”

Carole Giudicelli, Research Engineer, PuppetPlays European project:

french english interpreter paul valery montpellier 3“On behalf of the entire team involved in the PuppetPlays European research project, I’d like to thank you for the exceptionally professional interpretation.

All the non-French-speaking attendees of our symposium (on-site in Montpellier, or via Zoom) really appreciated the quality of the English translations. The speakers also asked me to pass on a heartfelt thank you, especially those who spoke in French despite it not being their first language. They understand that this was a further challenge for your team.

Your interpreters were particularly strong when the lectures were delivered in a literary style, which was often the case.

Well done!

We’re very happy with your service and will be sure to work with you again on other scientific and cultural events.”

Mathilde Mechin, B2B Communication manager:

English-French French-English simultaneous interpreters for Google france"The translation service for our Google France press conference went extremely well.

Lidia and her team had a big presence and assisted us with aspects that went beyond pure translation, helping to make our event a real success.

I highly recommend this personal and very professional service.

The quality of the translation on B2B subjects was also outstanding.”

Ciprian Ionescu, Natural Capital Programme Officer — WWF France:

Working with CH Trad on the translation of an event was an absolute pleasure.

Lidia Starck was very responsive and available beforehand as well as the day of the conference.

The whole team was extremely professional. The quality of the interpreting service was also outstanding with both the French and English interpretation appreciated by the participants.

We would be happy to work with CH Trad again should the opportunity present itself.”

François Carmantrand, Senior Vice President International Division Suez – GDF Suez Group, former Executive Regional Director – Sagem Defense and Security – Safran Group:

suez international, notre client en interpretation

“Lidia Starck has been working for me as both a translator and an interpreterfor the last 15 years. I have also been using the services of CH Traductions ever since it was founded.

At Safran, we hired Lidia as a freelance interpreter. She always made time for us and was extremely effective, thanks to a command of both the technical vocabulary and linguistic nuances.

So when I joined Suez (formerly Suez Environnement), we began hiring CH Traductions on a regular basis. We often have last-minute translation and interpreting needs and CH Traductions is always there to provide quick, flexible solutions, ensuring that we receive top-quality service and fast turnarounds.”

Alexandre Orlov, Russian Ambassador to France 2009-2017:

interpreting services for russian embassy in Paris“The Russian embassy in France plays a key role in the relationship between our two countries. We know better than anyone just how crucial interpretation services are in Franco-Russian communications.

We greatly appreciate the professionalism, precision and linguistic skills of Lidia Starck of CH Traductions. She is able to interpret discussions on a vast range of topics that are critical to cooperations between our two countries.

She is equally comfortable working at scientific conferences, official meetings and cultural events.

We have been relying on her for many years and have enthusiastically recommended her services to Russian institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, Moscow City Hall and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.”

Isabelle de Muyser-Boucher, Project Coordinator, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA):

chtrad, french english interpreting services for ocha"CH Traductions did the interpreting (equipment + staff) for one of our high-level meetings in Paris. During the meeting, around 30 people discussed the repercussions of climate change on humanitarian action.

CH Traductions provided a very professional service despite very short notice and last-minute changes.

We would be delighted to work with CH Traductions again if the opportunity were to present itself."

Etienne Lavigne, Dakar Rally Director 2004-2019:

interpreting services for dakar rally“At ASO, we organise national and international sporting events, including the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally.

Lidia Starck has handled the French-English-Russian interpreting at our meetings for several years now.

The CH Traductions team also provides multilingual translation and interpretation services in the lead-up to our events. They have displayed impressive skills, flexibility and respect for confidentiality. Not only are they dedicated to the mission at hand, but they are also a pleasure to work with on an interpersonal level.

Lastly, they know how to keep their cool in delicate situations.”

Zoé Peck, Event Manager - Hotel Molitor, Accor Group:

french english interpreters for Molitor“Last minute interpreting and equipment request by one of our clients for their seminar.
Lidia&nbsp:Starck was very helpful and exceptionally efficient with great availability!

The on-site service was perfect too.

I’ll definitely use CH Traductions again at the next opportunity!”

Antoine Decouvelaere, Consultant, Executive Development & Innovation:

ieseg italian english interpreters“Everything went really well!

Thank you to both your interpreters for their professionalism and to you for your responsiveness in managing this request.

We’ll be sure to call on your services again if the need arises, and to recommend you.”

Laura Hearson, Project Manager:

ChoYou English interpreters“It was a pleasure working with CH Traductions for a Higher Education Summit for one of our clients.

It was the first time that we had used interpreters and Lidia made the process very easy, clearly explaining what services we would need for our type of event. She was also very accommodating when we needed to add two more interpreters last minute.

The interpreters were extremely professional, polite and friendly; we felt reassured to have their help.

I look forward to working with CH Traductions again in the future.”

Stefanie Machicado, Programme Officer:

interprete espanol hydreos“Our workshop went really well so thanks again to the interpreter for their professionalism.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Lidia Starck for her responsiveness, flexibility and availability. Despite very tight deadlines, CH Traductions offered a very high quality service.”

Patrice Merieau, Biomedical Security Technical Unit Manager; American Hospital in Paris:

french english consecutive interpreter for american hospital in parisI’d like to thank you for various aspects of the assignment:

- The quick admin process (I called on Friday to find an interpreter for three days from the following Tuesday).
- The quality of your interpreter in our meeting with our American audience. She coped easily with the difficult medical and property terms used throughout the three days.

I’ll keep your contact details safe for future assignments.”

Sandrine Tanton, Project Assistant:

french spanish english interpreters exprertise france“The participants were all very happy with how the meeting went in terms of both content and organisation.

The interpreters were really good, professional and friendly.

I’d also like to thank you for our discussions and your valuable advice that I think we’ve all followed!

Expertise France will be sure to call on you for future events.”

Zoitsa Siaplaoura, European International Projects Manager:

english interpreting - consecutive for press conference“Everything went really well! The excellent service, particularly the interpreter, was appreciated by the whole team. She did a really great job.

A big thank you to you too for our discussions, your efficiency and a top-quality service.

Thanks again and congratulations to your interpreter.”

Chantal Esteves, Training Manager:

sibelco french english interpreter for training“I’ve had excellent feedback from this assignment. Your interpreter made a great impression with her professionalism, knowledge of the subject, command of the language and kindness.

I’d also like to thank you for our discussions as well as your honesty and professionalism. I really enjoyed talking to you.

I’d definitely call on you again if the need arose.”

Caroline Lafontaine, Managing Director:

english interpreting for Seed Growers“I am just returning from Europe and I wanted to take a moment to send a note to tell you how happy I am with David’s [your interpreter] services. He was an exceptional interpreter.

Seed certification is a difficult subject to translate as the terms are specific and not used in common language. With that said, David did a wonderful job and stayed on top of the conversation and used the proper terms in his interpretation. At times, people would forget to stop for interpretation and he was even able to provide interpretation for long winded conversation segments.

He really impressed our entire group to the point that I am wondering if he would ever work in Canada for us!”

Stéphanie Rospide, Executive Assistant:

chtrad, english-french interpreting for alcimed"We're a consulting firm specialised in innovation and the development of new markets in a range of countries and we regularly call on CH Trad for interpreting services.

Their teams always adapt quickly to our wide-ranging speakers, the demands of our teams, the technical diversity of the host location and sometimes the urgency of our requests!

It's a real pleasure to work with extremely competent, efficient and friendly people who are vital to the success of our events."

Ivan Prostakov, Head of the Economic and Trade Representation of Russia in France, 2002–2012.Advisor to the Secretary General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions:

“The Economic and Trade Representation of Russia in France worked frequently with Lidia Starck and the CH Traductions interpretation team from 2002 to 2012. They interpreted at Representation events ranging from foreign delegation welcome gatherings to seminars, interviews and presentations.

The CH Traductions team always did a first-rate job of interpreting between French, English and Russian. They also demonstrated thorough knowledge of the economic context and the relevant terminology.

We had no hesitation in recommending CH Traductions’ interpreting services to Moscow government officials, the Franco-Russian Centre for Energy Efficiency and Representation partners including various Russian banks and companies.”

Nicolas de Villiers, Chairman of the Puy du Fou theme park:

"Thank you for your efficiency and adaptability.

Our foreign guests were delighted with the quality of your work.

I'll be sure to call on you for any future requests."

Christine Jean, Legal Coordinator:

eurofins cerep, chtrad client for english interpeting and translation"We're part of an international Group and need translators for a variety of documents. As Legal Coordinator, it was my job to find a company to establish a confidential partnership with, in terms of the documents for translation.

I work with CH Traductions for both conferences and one-off translations. I was surprised by their efficiency and availability. We work remotely and have established a real partnership.

I recently had the chance to meet Lidia Starck and I thanked her warmly for her excellent adaptability.

I strongly recommend others to work with CH Traductions, whatever their needs."

Daphné Crepin, Store Support:

chtrad, simultaneous interpreting for bash"We were really pleased with your service. The interpretation quality was great and we had good feedback from our local teams.

The discretion of the interpreters was also appreciated."

Jean-Marie Dura, La Fémis – National School for Image and Sound occupations:

"We were extremely satisfied with both the interpreting and support from CH Trad during the welcome and training given by La Fémis to a delegation of Chinese film and audiovisual professionals over a four-day, non-stop period.

We speak no Chinese at all so we were unable to assess the quality of the translation as such, however we were confident that our Chinese group was completely satisfied.

As well as providing an accurate translation of sentences and meaning – already a feat in a highly technical and complex field – the CH Trad team really helped us to understand each other's cultures. The team advised us on the differences in approach and sensitivity, allowing us to avoid misunderstandings which would almost certainly have marred, or even compromised, the success of this training.

So we take real professional and personal pleasure in our partnership with CH Trad whose team has made a huge contribution to the success of our school."

Bruno Gonzalez, technical support:

english french interpreters for prima power"Working with you is fantastic. If I had this experience with most of my clients, I'd be less stressed."

Florent Baudet, Operations Manager:

chinese english interpreting for all circuits"I wanted you to know that we are 100% satisfied with the quality of your interpreters in terms of both preparatory work and the fluency of the translation.

We also appreciated their flexibility following a 'last-minute' agenda change requested by our Chinese visitors.

On day one, especially, the interpreters' work in our manufacturing workshop was greatly appreciated by my operations managers who discussed in-depth technical topics with our visitors with great success for a considerable period of time."

Yectuani Rios, Communications Coordinator:

spanish interpreter, chtrad for faurecia"Despite our urgent request for an interpreter – the day before a press conference! – it all went fantastically, so I'd like to say a big thank you.

We had brilliant feedback for the translation."

Maxim Ossipov, author of "All About Ma Province", for Radio France Inter:

france inter russian interpreting services"Interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in particular, is extremely difficult.

Firstly, interpreters must have a perfect command of at least two languages.

Then they must hold themselves back, that is to say, not mistake themselves for the speaker, whose intellect they often rival. It is their job to remove the barrier that separates the speaker from the listeners, just as gifted musicians remove the barrier that separates the composer from the audience.

I must say that I’ve never enjoyed working with an interpreter as much as I have with Lidia Starck. ‘If you plan on quoting poetry, please let me know in advance,’ was her only request before she first interpreted me and interpreted for me. Lidia is highly skilled at communicating the elegance of the French language when she works into Russian.

I am positive that when she interprets my words into French, she allows them to flow and to float, something that is not always the case in Russian.”

Fabiola Flex, Agency Director, Rumeur Publique Communications Agency:

italian english interpreting for rumeur publique"It was a great success.
Thank you very much.
Both interpreters were excellent on all levels.
A big thank you to them."

Margaux Nugues, Events Assistant,B&B Productions, events agency:

inspiration music, notre client en interpretation

"The interpreters really were fantastic.

Thank you very much. I hope to work with you again soon."

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