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Russian French and Russian English interpreting in Paris and the whole of France

russian interpreter

At CH Traductions, we provide our clients with professional Russian–French and Russian–English interpreters who hold degrees in interpretation.

Interpreters do much more than simply translate.
Above all, it is their job to accurately communicate the original message and ensure that everyone understands one another.
This requires not only top-notch professional capabilities and subject-specific knowledge, but also the confidence and skills to adapt to different situations.

We have been providing Russian–English–French interpretation services since 1993 and have developed strong, longstanding relationships with our many clients.

Russian interpretation: our specialist area

Lidia Starck, CH Traductions founder:

russian interpreter paris"We are particularly meticulous in our handling of Russian interpretation requests as I myself was an English–French–Russian interpreter for more than 20 years.

Our clients include Russian institutions and bodies: the Russian Embassy in France, the Economic and Trade Representation of Russia in France, the Permanent Delegation of Russia to UNESCO, the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Paris, the Pushkin Institut, the Government of Moscow and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

Major companies also call on our services for French–Russian and English–Russian interpreting: Suez International, LVMH, Dalkia and Audemars Piguet.

We regularly interpret from and into Russian for Arte, France Culture and TV channels.

Our Russian interpreters assisted at the opening of Ilya Kabakov’s ‘Monumenta’ exhibition at the Grand Palais and contemporary Russian art exhibition ‘Kollektsia’ at the Pompidou Centre.

Famous for his Snowshow, the great Russian clown Slava Polunin has been using our services for almost 25 years. We have interpreted his interviews consecutively for Le Monde, Libération and Paris Match and simultaneously for TF1, France 3 and France Inter."

With CH Traductions you get:

An interpreting company specialised in Russian based in Paris and operating across the whole of France

A team of experienced, professional English–Russian and French–Russian for any type of event or interpretation

Competent and reliable technical partners and a full set of interpretation and sound equipment

A network of Russian translators and in-house linguistic skill to ensure the quality of the translations

Our assignments:
Russian–English and Russian–French interpreting

The Bureau International des Expositions, Yekaterinburg bid for Expo 2020 and 2025.

Paris: English–Russian and French–Russian interpreters. Simultaneous interpreting of BIE General Assemblies.

Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Sochi: Russian–English and Russian–French interpreters. Consecutive interpreting of high-level meetings (President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation).

Pushkin Institute – Russian Cultural Centre in Paris: Russian–French interpreters.

TV Monde: French–Russian interpreter, Paris.

Suez Environnement, technical and business meetings: French–Russian consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

Chanel, Simiens, Generix Group: interpreters in Russian, English and French. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of conferences, work meetings and training sessions.

The Shoah Memorial: Russian-English interpreters for history conferences and training.

Audemars Piguet: English/French–Russian translation.

Arte: French–Russian translation. Simultaneous Russian–French and French–Russian interpreting on air.

IFRI (French institute of international relations): French–Russian and Russian-Russian interpreters for scientific conferences.

What our clients say

Alexandre Orlov, former Russian Ambassador to France

russian interpreter for russian embassy in paris

“The Russian embassy in France plays a key role in the relationship between our two countries. We know better than anyone just how crucial interpretation services are in Franco-Russian communications.

We greatly appreciate the professionalism, discipline, precision and linguistic skills of Lidia Starck of CH Traductions. She is able to interpret discussions on a vast range of topics that are critical to cooperations between our two countries.

She is equally comfortable working at scientific conferences, official meetings and cultural events.

We have been relying on her for many years and have enthusiastically recommended her services to Russian institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, Moscow City Hall and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.”

Client testimonials

English–Russian interpreting

English remains the international communications language, having established itself as the language of choice for communications between non-native speakers in industry and finance.

And yet there is a huge gulf between a simple, everyday conversation in English and a negotiation or speech during a conference.

Calling on a professional English–Russian interpreter to convert your English speech into Russian and the Russian into perfect, precise Englishwill save you time, enable more constructive exchanges and allow you to focus on content rather than getting your message across.

English–Russian interpreters

Our English–Russian interpreters are both linguistically skilled and culturally informed. They will bring you their knowledge of Russian society and habits and customs which may prove essential in some situations.

All our English–Russian interpreters are conference interpreting graduates of interpretation schools in Paris, London or Geneva.

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